Trumpeter, composer and educator Cyrus Nabipoor splits his time between New Orleans and his hometown of Portland, OR.  He speaks through the horn with an earnest & distinctive voice which soars over a unique style of crossover-jazz. 

    Cyrus has been a featured artist at the PDX Jazz Fest, Cathedral Park Fest, Montavilla Jazz Fest, New Orleans French Quarter Fest, and Instigation Fest. He has had several works commissioned by Portland Jazz Composer’s Ensemble. In addition to leading his own group, Cyrus is a member/collaborator of Reb & The Good News, Noruz, Korgy & Bass and Puddletown Stompers. He has had the pleasure of working with artist such as Jamison Ross, Elle King, Tarriona “Tank” Ball, Nicky Youre, James Singleton, Jason Marsalis, Steve Masakowski, Mike Dillon, Stanton Moore, Larry Sieberth, Alan Jones, Dan Balmer, Nicole McCabe & more. Cyrus has produced horn tracks for artists including Nicky Youre, Peach Tree Rascals, Clubhouse, and David Hugo.

    As an educator Cyrus is on faculty at Loyola University New Orleans, is an Artist-in-Residence at multiple Portland Public High Schools, and runs a private studio.

    Born and raised in Portland OR, Cyrus Nabipoor began playing trumpet at age 11. He wanted to play the trombone, but it wouldn’t fit on his bike. As an adolescent he studied with Derek Sims & Alan Jones. Cyrus holds a B.M. from Loyola University New Orleans, where he graduated magna cum laude and was awarded outstanding undergraduate in both Jazz and Brass. While at Loyola, he studied with Nick Volz, Tony Dagradi and Jimbo Walsh. In 2015, Cyrus was awarded the International Trumpet Guild Jazz Scholarship.


Camille Bruya Photography

"Nabipoor’s strength is that it is never possible to anticipate his next move...The jazz equivalent of a first-year pitcher who throws 99 m.p.h....His trumpet chops are deadly and his penetrating brass tone is classically pure (except when he turns it dirty)."

A bandleader and composer/arranger for whom no style or emotion is off limits." 
-Offbeat Magazine

"A musician intent on blurring the future and past...'Live at the Marigny Opera House' is a finely paced, well crafted, quietly revealing debut with a keen sense of smoldering tradition and youthful investigation." 
-All About Jazz

"Nabipoor’s compositions concern themselves less with fitting into one jazz idiom or another and more with a pure, almost ecstatic sense of in-the-moment expression" 
-KMHD Jazz Radio                                                                   

Selected Discography


After You've Gone
(Independent) 2024

In Lieu of Tears
(Independent) 2023

Live at the Marigny Opera House
(Independent) 2020 

Live At PreSonus  (w/ Korgy & Bass)
(Cavity Search Records) 2020 

Futa Trap (w/ Noruz)
(Independent) 2020 

Remote (w/ Korgy & Bass)
(Cavity Search Records) 2019 

The Witching Hour (w/ Noruz)
(Independent) 2018 

Losing Focus (w/ Outer Core)
(Breakfast 4 Dinner Records) 2017 

The Animal Singles (w/ Noruz)
(Independent) 2015-16 

Drawing Purple Orbits (w/ The Wishermen)
(Independent) 2012

Horn Arr./Prod.

Nicky Youre - Good Times Go
(Columbia Records) 2023

Maggie Koerner - Wasted
(Mirrorball) 2022

Clubhouse - Home Videos
(AWAL Recordings) 2021

Peach Tree Rascals - Welcome to Camp Nowhere
(HomeMade Projects) 2021 

David Hugo - We Made It
(^_^) 2021 

Peach Tree Rascals - Fumari  
(HomeMade Projects) 2020 


Barra Brown - Cyrus
(Cavity Search) 2021

Brass Lightning - Consonance
(Independent) 2022)

Jeff Albert - Unanimous Sources 
(Breakfast 4 Dinner) 2020 

Squirrel Queen - Life & Death & In Between 
(Independent) 2020 

Barra Brown - Raverborg 
(Cavity Search) 2019 

Cyrus Snow - Winter Came
(Independent) 2019 

Korgy & Bass - Beauty Marx
(Cavity Search Records) 2019 

Doombalaya - Doggy Day Dreams 
(Independent) 2019 

Roadside Glorious - Brawn & Bone
(Independent) 2018 

The Convenience - EP 
(Independent) 2018 

Miss Mojo - Love In Time 
(Independent) 2018 

Sexual Thunder - Pleasure to the People
(Independent) 2017 

Doombalaya - Pants on Fiya 
(Independent) 2017 

Flow Tribe - Boss
(Faction) 2017 

Doombalaya - Dinner
(Independent) 2015