"Nabipoor’s strength is that it is never possible to anticipate his next move...The equivalent of a first-year pitcher who throws 99 m.p.h....His trumpet chops are deadly and his penetrating brass tone is classically pure (except when he turns it dirty)."” - Thomas Conrad


A musician intent on blurring the future and past...a finely paced, well crafted, quietly revealing debut with a keen sense of smoldering tradition and youthful investigation.” - Mike Jurkovic

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This is the thrill of listening to a song that plays by its own rules, functioning under its own logic, and an artist that does the same; 'Live at the Marigny Opera House' is an exhilarating debut from an artist we can expect to keep pushing boundaries.” - Isabel Zacharias


A bandleader and composer/arranger for whom no style or emotion is off limits.” - Ken Franckling

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