"Nabipoor’s compositions concern themselves less with fitting into one jazz idiom or another and more with a pure, almost ecstatic sense of in-the-moment expression"                            -KMHD Jazz Radio                                                                    ~read full story~


 "Noruz has become one of New Orleans’ most intriguing bands, creating unmatched melodies through a distinct blend..." 
- Offbeat Magazine 
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   "Rising star Cyrus Nabipoor stops by for a chat "
-WWNO New Orleans Public Radio
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   "Dichotomies are really interesting to me, as a wind instrument player using electronics. You have this innate duality of organic and synthetic, acoustic and electric, nature vs. man" 
-Interview w/ Offbeat Magazine  
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    'Remote' named among KMHD's Top 10 Releases of 2019
-KMHD Jazz Radio
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   "Remote is at its best when it goes fully abstract, pushing Nabipoor’s trumpet to its strangest reaches, in stark juxtaposition with the duo’s sleek, synthesized electronica"
-Antigravity Magazine, album review
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Photo by Mary Katherine Leslie