"A bandleader and composer/arranger for whom no style or emotion is off limits."
-Offbeat Magazine

   "A musician intent on blurring the future and past...'Live at the Marigny Opera House' is a finely paced, well crafted, quietly revealing debut with a keen sense of smoldering tradition and youthful investigation." 
-All About Jazz

  "Nabipoor’s compositions concern themselves less with fitting into one jazz idiom or another and more with a pure, almost ecstatic sense of in-the-moment expression" 
-KMHD Jazz Radio                                                                   

   "Noruz has become one of New Orleans’ most intriguing bands, creating unmatched melodies through a distinct blend..." 
- Offbeat Magazine 

   "Dichotomies are really interesting to me, as a wind instrument player using electronics. You have this innate duality of organic and synthetic, acoustic and electric, nature vs. man" 
-Interview w/ Offbeat Magazine  

   "Nabipoor’s strength is that it is never possible to anticipate his next move...The jazz equivalent of a first-year pitcher who throws 99 m.p.h....His trumpet chops are deadly and his penetrating brass tone is classically pure (except when he turns it dirty)."

   “Cyrus Nabipoor and his quintet dive headfirst into the deep end of musical conversation in this live performance...[He] elegantly displays his chops in a mindful and charismatic manner”  
-All About Jazz

   "The ingratiating melodic profile of Nabipoor's music and its avoidance of overstatement make this an attractive [record]." 
-Jay Harvey