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Edwards Brass Endorsement 

Elated to announce that I am officially an Edwards Brass Artist!!! I’ve been playing Edwards since 2014 when I fortuitously stumbled upon them while visiting a good friend in Beloit WI. Earlier this month I spent a day at the factory in Elkhorn WI, and we made the relationship official! The new X-13 is hands down the best feeling & sounding horn I’ve ever played. Big thanks to Michael Clobes for all the help and warmth over the years. Thanks Christan Griego for designing such a fantastic instrument, taking the time to personalize my horn, and for the delicious coffee. And shout out to Lexi for running the whole operation from the front desk. Y’all are a great team to work with, and that makes such a huge difference when it comes to something so personal as an instrument. I am proud to be an Edwards Artist.

Photo by Mary Katherine Creative

KMHD 'Top Albums of 2019' 

As 2019 wraps up, KMHD Portland Jazz Radio has published a list of their "Top 10 Albums of 2019". I'm very honored that Remote is on that list! Growing up, I listened to KMHD constantly as I drove around Portland, so it feels really special and significant to be recognized by them. I really appreciate all that KMHD has given me over the years, from the inspiration I got from listening as a kid to the support they show me now in my work. 

You can read the full article here

Korgy & Bass @ OMSI Planetarium 

This week I'll be returning to my hometown, Portland Oregon, to perform at the OMSI Planetarium with Korgy & Bass. I've been going to OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) since I was a little kid. In my opinion it's one of Portland's best attractions, no matter what your age. It was a big part of my childhood, so I'm extremely excited to return there as an adult to perform at the Kendall Planetarium. The staff has been super involved, programming new visuals to accompany our music, as well as incorporating K&B's existing visual content. We will be performing our new album Remote in its entirety. Last time we did this in Portland was over the summer at Mississippi Studios. This will likely be the my only performance in Portland until late spring/summer, so catch me while you can!

Tickets can be bought at here

Thursday November 21, 7:30pm

NORUZ's "Big Show" ft. Korgy & Bass (11/8) 

The next "big show" that I'm working on. NORUZ brings the fire after a few quiet months. Local & international legend Stephen Gladney headlines. NOLA-beatmaking-collective Bag Season Records does a round-robin style showcase. Korgy & Bass makes their New Orleans debut, performing our recent collaborative album "Remote" in its entirety. Big thanks to Dopeciety for making it happen.

Friday, November 8th at Artspace3116 on St. Claude ave. Doors at 7:30pm. Pop up bar w/ beer, wine, seasonal cocktail. Presale tickets $7.50 (link below), $15 at the door.


Presale tickets:



Instigation Festival Chicago 

I just returned from a fantastic weekend of music in Chicago, participating in the Instigation Festival. Instigation is an improvised music festival that acts as a partnership between New Orleans & Chicago, happening once a year in each city. This was really my first time participating in the Chicago music scene, I came away feeling inspired, and anxious to return. The first night, I performed at Constellation with Jeff Albert's Unanimous Sources. Isiah Spencer's group, the following act, deeply moved me with their improvisation. The next day I was part of a large ensemble, performing a brand new conceptual piece by Cellist and Composer Katinka Kleijn, which was held in the May Chapel at Rosehill Cemetery. On the last day, I reunited with my old friend Alex Massa. He brought together a really stellar lineup of horn players in an open improvisational environment. This included Gerald Bailey, Ben Lamar Gay, Mai Sugimoto, Arthur Black and Hunter Diamond. I'd like to extend a huge amount of gratitude towards Alex, Jeff Albert, Steve Marquette, and the Wilde family for making this such a fulfilling weekend.

Photo by Ricardo Adame

Offbeat Magazine Article 

Honored to be featured in this month's OffBeat Magazine 'My Music' series! Thanks to Raphael Helfand for stitching my words into cohesive sentences. In this interview, I talk a lot about my recent release with Korgy & Bass, Remote, as well as about my musical beginnings in Portland, OR. 

You can read the article HERE

Korgy & Bass Live Video 

Video of 'Fatty Hat' from our album release show at Mississippi Studios in Portland, OR. This show was extremely fun to play, and challenging to prepare for. We created the music with many layers, and no consideration of performability. So when I got in town 1 week before the show, we had our work cut out for us. There were a lot of "firsts" for me. I learned how to run the Boss rc505 specifically for this show. Instrumentalists often belittle DJ's and the like, but after being responsible for samples, cues, background parts etc., I can tell you that the stress of "pressing buttons" had me missing the good old days when I only had to worry about getting a decent note out of the trumpet.

New Album w/ Korgy & Bass 

Remote, a collaborative album with Korgy & Bass (Portland, OR), has just been released on Cavity Search Records! As the name indicates, the whole thing was done remotely without us ever being in the same place. In fact, it was all recorded and produced from our homes. I would track effected trumpet loops, send them off, and suddenly they (Alex Meltzer & Barra Brown) had built these elaborate tracks around them. This process of co-writing allowed things to move incredibly quickly and naturally, as a result the project took only one month from start to finish. Barra and I are old friends, sharing many formative years together. So to be continuously collaborating feels very special. Watching each other grow over the years proves to be endlessly inspiring.


Using effect pedals with the trumpet has been a major interest of mine. Not only does it open up so many sonic possibilities, but the dichotomy/duality which it presents is undeniable. The voice of this archaic horn, so dependent on the human body to function, being filtered through modern technology. This concept largely directed the focus of the album.

Remote sonically paints the borders between nature and urban decay, apathy and ingenuity, chaos and calm, all converging in the tension and release of our humanity: a sonic journey from industrialization to the modern day tech industry.

You can purchase Remote here, and and stream it on all major services.