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KMHD 'Top Albums of 2019' 

As 2019 wraps up, KMHD Portland Jazz Radio has published a list of their "Top 10 Albums of 2019". I'm very honored that Remote is on that list! Growing up, I listened to KMHD constantly as I drove around Portland, so it feels really special and significant to be recognized by them. I really appreciate all that KMHD has given me over the years, from the inspiration I got from listening as a kid to the support they show me now in my work. 

You can read the full article here

Offbeat Magazine Article 

Honored to be featured in this month's OffBeat Magazine 'My Music' series! Thanks to Raphael Helfand for stitching my words into cohesive sentences. In this interview, I talk a lot about my recent release with Korgy & Bass, Remote, as well as about my musical beginnings in Portland, OR. 

You can read the article HERE