Instigation Festival Chicago

I just returned from a fantastic weekend of music in Chicago, participating in the Instigation Festival. Instigation is an improvised music festival that acts as a partnership between New Orleans & Chicago, happening once a year in each city. This was really my first time participating in the Chicago music scene, I came away feeling inspired, and anxious to return. The first night, I performed at Constellation with Jeff Albert's Unanimous Sources. Isiah Spencer's group, the following act, deeply moved me with their improvisation. The next day I was part of a large ensemble, performing a brand new conceptual piece by Cellist and Composer Katinka Kleijn, which was held in the May Chapel at Rosehill Cemetery. On the last day, I reunited with my old friend Alex Massa. He brought together a really stellar lineup of horn players in an open improvisational environment. This included Gerald Bailey, Ben Lamar Gay, Mai Sugimoto, Arthur Black and Hunter Diamond. I'd like to extend a huge amount of gratitude towards Alex, Jeff Albert, Steve Marquette, and the Wilde family for making this such a fulfilling weekend.

Photo by Ricardo Adame